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Vagrein Channel,
Coach + Healer


A messenger + guide; some kind of Mystic.


All my work:

  • as the spiritual Channel for Vagrein 

  • as a transformational life-coach

  • as a Pranic energy healer


has a single objective - to accompany individuals to their natural state of wellbeing.  

Image by Olga Thelavart


Work directly with me and start your transformation now.

Jessie Herman Spiritual Channel for Vagrein
Jessie Herman Spiritual Channel for Vagrein Pranic Healing

"I have had the privilege of having multiple Pranic Healing sessions with Jess.  I began working with her due to some recurring issues with my lungs due to a genetic disease. 

With each session with Jessie I noticed improvement in my physical symptoms, but what stands out the most is the energetic changes.  

I had a sense of underlying peace after my first treatment and after each session I noticed my overall mood and outlook improved. I had less anxiety and was taking things in more easily.  

I noticed more optimism as well as more ease through stress.


After one of our sessions I noticed that waves of emotion were coming and I was able to just stand in them. Like standing at the shore of an ocean on a Rocky cliff and letting them hit me like the waters rushing over the rock.   I felt so many things churning and clearing.


I have also referred friends for sessions with Jess. That is not something I do lightly or without confidence."


Vagrein : Insight


2023 GYST Planner


Vagrein : Seeking Ends When Sharing Begins

Floating in the Sea
Jessie Herman Spiritual Channel for Vagrein

Seeking Ends When Sharing Begins



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