Humanity is now moving from separation consciousness to unity consciousness at an accelerated pace. You're perfectly created unique expression of individuation is what is needed to aid in this beautiful transformation. When you step into the fullness of your true unique being, you automatically heal the world and everyone in it. Life becomes a magical experiment in which you are the player and the screenwriter.

My role is to accompany you on this journey as a messenger; in the form of channeling the non-physical entity group Vagrein, a transformational life-coach to guide and support the more human elements of your experience, artist, mother and pranic healer.



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Vagrein Channeling

Meet directly with Vagrein and ask anything you've ever wanted to know.

Coaching Packages

Customise your own 6 or 12 week 1 on 1 relationship with Jessie

Pranic Healing

Free yourself from stagnant energy and blockages in your energetic system with Prana.


Free meditations, Podcast Interviews, E-books + other goodies

Coming Soon

The first Vagrein book is available now on Amazon! 

From the jacket cover...


In July of 2019, a non-physical entity group, later to be known as ‘Vagrein’ started to talk through the mind and body of JP Herman. The wisdom, assurance and love that has come through their otherworldly sharing is now compiled in this breathtaking, challenging and fascinating, first book.


Suspend your disbelief for a moment and be transported to a world beyond our own, where the answers are all simple and they all lie within you.      



I highly recommend this book to those seeking clarity around the fine dance between personal will and Divine Will, how to navigate the balance between effort and surrender, between fate and will, and how to enjoy every aspect of your soul's journey and the unfolding of your Divine Destiny within this incarnation and beyond.

— Marissa G.



It's possible to book private channeling sessions with Vagrein in which you are able to ask any questions you have about your life, what's beyond our human perception and benefit from the love and wisdom that flows through them.

Sessions are 1 hour long for an exchange of €150

"I have had the privilege of having multiple Pranic Healing sessions with Jess.  I began working with her due to some recurring issues with my lungs due to a genetic disease. 

With each session with Jessie I noticed improvement in my physical symptoms, but what stands out the most is the energetic changes.  

I had a sense of underlying peace after my first treatment and after each session I noticed my overall mood and outlook improved. I had less anxiety and was taking things in more easily.  

I noticed more optimism as well as more ease through stress.


After one of our sessions I noticed that waves of emotion were coming and I was able to just stand in them. Like standing at the shore of an ocean on a Rocky cliff and letting them hit me like the waters rushing over the rock.   I felt so many things churning and clearing.


I have also referred friends for sessions with Jess. That is not something I do lightly or without confidence."