VAGREIN - Seeking Ends When Sharing Begins

In July of 2019, a non-physical entity group, later to be known as ‘Vagrein’ started to talk through the mind and body of JP Herman. The wisdom, assurance and love that has come through their otherworldly sharing is now compiled in this breathtaking, challenging and fascinating, first book.                               
Suspend your disbelief for a moment and be transported to a world beyond our own, where the answers are all simple and they all lie within you.     



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A book with channeled messages is not new, but this one is a fresh newcomer on the stage!

You probably never heard of the channeled group Entity Vagrein before, so here’s your chance to get to know them.


Jessicka Herman, the channeler for Vagrein, has written this book in a beautiful way for us to get to know Vagrein, to learn about the process of channeling and to give Vagrein the stage for the clear, wise and practical messages they share with us.


A book to read from cover to cover and after that to pick up from time to time to ponder over topics or reread helpfull wisdom. Even though Vagrein is not here on earth in the flesh, they give really earthly, warm and respectfull insights for everyone to enjoy. I liked it!


Lined Surface


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