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I’m Jessie Herman, also known as Jessicka (with a 'k') or JP.


I'm a life coach, Pranic energy healer for people and their pets, an artist and the channel for the non-physical entity group known as Vagrein.


I have published 2 channeled books with Vagrein, available on Amazon, am the creator of a life management planner tool - the GYST planner, and have worked with countless clients towards achieving their dreams and reaching their spiritual and material goals.


In coaching I have expertise guiding people in many difficult aspects such as: moving home, living in a foreign country, quitting their job, striving for enlightenment, navigating psychic gifts, miscarriage, separation, legal issues, death/mourning, serious/chronic illness and childhood trauma.

For the past 3 years, I’ve also enjoyed the more esoteric side of my skillset bringing people peace and direct guidance as the messenger for Vagrein.

I absolutely love passing on their messages and true advice which consistently uplevels anyone who speaks with them towards creating their dream life.

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Hey There, I' 'm Jessie

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Who Do You Want to Be?



I can't remember choosing to become a life-coach because it happened so naturally. People began to come to me for the clarity that I naturally had in being able to communicate with their inner being.

Later, when I discovered I was a channel to Vagrein it all made sense. In my coaching sessions I could hear very clearly what wasn't being said out loud and even the whispers of peoples inner beings that they themselves were not ready, without a little (or big) nudge wanting to hear.

Can I predict your future?


No, of course not, that's yet to be written and you are the only author. But I can help you to pick up the pen, teach you how to spell and hand you the blank pages of the next chapter of your book turned to the right page ready to cheer you on into becoming your life's only, sovereign author.

"One thing I've found to be supporting me in grounding back into coherence with my inner being has been your books and our sessions together. This past week I've rewatched all our channeling sessions from last year, the gifts that keep on giving.


I will say, if for no other reason than to amplify gratitude and appreciation.


You may not continually 'see' it but what you share continually has impacts. In moments when I feel lost or scared, frustrated or uncertain, even in moments when I feel inspired and excited, I can turn to your offerings.


Whether it's the coaching sessions we've had, the channeling sessions, the books etc.. When I forget, through your offerings I can take a breath, laugh (usually at myself) and remember."



Reach out with any questions, comments or even to just say hi! 



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