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Leaves Shadow

In July of 2019, a non-physical entity group, later to be known as ‘Vagrein’ started to talk through the mind and body of JP Herman. Vagrein : Insight is a compilation of channeled wisdom shared in public meditations over the course of several months from this entity group in order to aid in the transition we are currently experiencing from separation to unity consciousness.

In reflecting upon the words the reader will be transported to a state of total integration of Vagrein's special other-worldly messages on unity consciousness, love and self realization and uplifted to their natural higher-state of consciousness.

In this book you will find your road to balance, fortitude, fulfilling your personal and collective desires, interaction in relationships, surrendering to the flow of life (while also getting ‘your way’), navigating the future with grace, embodying unity and ultimately being who you came here to be.

Vagrein is a non-physical entity group and the channeled transmissions offered are encoded with upgrades and downloads that will serve you wherever you are on your spiritual, and very human, journey. They’re to be read not only with the mind, but with the heart and absorbed into your being as a deep remembrance as opposed to new information from an ‘outside’ source.

The book is not only a pleasure to read and enjoy, but will become a tool to your enlightenment and can be picked up at any time and used as an oracle to deliver the exact messages and content needed at any time.

Some of the deep contemplations include:



“We wish for you to join us in being in the freedom of remembering who you truly are and living from that knowing. This offering in this format shall support those who choose it in their personal journey towards enlightenment - thereby serving
all of your collective and in perfect alignment with All-That-Is. Enjoy these words and the reflections they stir in you. Breathe them in as you do fresh air. Allow them to nourish your cells and your souls. You are All-That-Is and be - may you always and in all ways keep this one knowing in sight.”


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