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Sand Dunes

All Vagrein Channeling + Coaching sessions are 1hr via Zoom.

Pranic Healing sessions are done remotely and without the client present.  This means you can also book at a time you are normally sleeping. You will receive an audio recording of the scan that took place.

Check out my packages of multiple sessions for savings by clicking 'explore plans'.

Image by Ralph (Ravi) Kayden
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Bespoke Coaching

When working with me as a coach we will tap into your greatest potential.

We will use both practical tools such as Human Design and EFT tapping as well as energetic tools that help you to breakthrough your current blocks and meet your targets.

I am an expert in guiding: change of circumstance, health, relationships, life purpose and more

Packages range from 6-12 weeks. Contact me for other formats.

Pranic Healing

I am a natural and trained Pranic Healer in the method of Master Choa Kok Sui.

This practice aids and supports you in accessing the energy you need to heal emotionally, mentally and physically.

I work with both humans and household pets with beautiful results - sharing messages from your body and clearing stagnant energy.

Sessions are performed remotely and do not require online connection. You can even enjoy a session while you sleep!

Vagrein Channeling

I have been channeling the non-physical entity group Vagrein since 2019.

Their messages and guidance on Unity Consciousness + Self-Acceptance have touched hundreds of people all over the globe.

In your private Vagrein session you will have a full hour to converse and gain wisdom and guidance from infinite intelligence.

Taking part in a channeling session with Vagrein is a life-changing experience.

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