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Live Channeling Event On Insight Timer! April 25th 9:15pm CET

It's Happening!

Vagrein and I will be presenting live on Insight Timer this Sunday at 9:15pm CET

This will be a channeled transmission.

Here's how I expect the session to go:

  • 10 minutes of introduction to Vagrein and channeling in general

  • 5 minutes of tuning in together to the energies

  • 25-35 minutes of Vagrein transmitting a meditation for us all to follow.

  • 5 minutes of wind down, perhaps with some answers to questions in the chat.

Insight Timer does not allow replays of their live events so please make sure you join on time to take part in the full experience!

Vagrein is a non-physical entity group channeled while in a trance state. Their messages of love, wisdom and unity will be shared during this deeply relaxing and transformative tuning-in where the group will connect via meditation in this transmission on Unity consciousness.

Join Vagrein and I on Insight timer this Sunday, April 25th at 9:15pm CET

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