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The extrasensory voyage to the Self - channeling Vagrein, Pranic Healing and all is not as it seems

In 2019 all of my extrasensory abilities came online changing my life irreversibly.

Suddenly I went from a regular wife and mother, living in Milan, to becoming the vessel through which higher consciousness known as Vagrein chose to communicate with humanity.

My name is Jessie Herman and I am blessed to be bringing you six articles and meditations over the next few months, outlining this magical, mystical journey into unity consciousness, deep healing and my collaboration with the non-physical entity group Vagrein whom I channel daily.

But first, what are extrasensory abilities?

Also referred to as the sixth sense, extrasensory abilities or perceptions are the skill of perceiving information without relying on the normal physical senses of taste, smell, touch, sight and hearing.

I believe that everyone possesses extrasensory abilities, and through my own experience experimenting and learning how to use them, it’s just a matter of harnessing the powers through getting to know your own mechanics. For example, when I am channeling Vagrein, to make contact with them and allow them through I have to access a level of clairaudience, where I listen, but not with my ears, for their frequency and then allow them to come into my body.

Some people believe that extrasensory perception is something that you’re born with and can only be used by natural psychics and mediums, but from my understanding, in the same way each of us can run if need be and then train to run a marathon, each of us can tap into ESP and train to become skilled in it.

ESP abilities come in many different forms. Some people have one of these abilities while others may have several. I currently work with the gifts of clairaudience, clairvoyance, mediumship and psychometry (in the form of physical healing/reading humans and animals)

I channel the non-physical entity group Vagrein, perform Pranic Healing rituals on humans and pets and run a bespoke coaching service with clients, addressing both their practical physical existence as well as their spiritual needs.

But back in 2019, I was still repressing and suppressing all of these skills. Something I had learnt to do in childhood.

The next few paragraphs are an excerpt from my channeled book Vagrein : Seeking Ends When Sharing Begins (available now on amazon, or get the first 2 chapters for free here)


It was my fortieth birthday. I was walking through my kitchen tidying up some dishes when I ‘heard’ the familiar knock on my consciousness - almost an invitation - to channel. I put ‘heard’ in quotes here because it’s not the kind of hearing that is done with the ears, or any part of the physical body. I’ve never been able to explain it but this kind of hearing isn’t processed by the nervous system at all, it’s more of a knowing of hearing.

I had only become aware of ‘channeling’ a few years earlier in 2016 when I stumbled upon some Abraham Hicks quotes on-line and then looked them up on YouTube. I watched as Esther Hicks spoke on stage in the plural tense. I assumed that the reason was that she was speaking on behalf of a company or group. The message resonated and so I didn’t think much of it and continued to listen.

When I finally got the book ‘Ask and It is Given’ I was puzzled, and a little put-off by the explanation at the beginning of the book about her channeling a non-physical entity group and how she had come to do so.

My head would start moving on its own...

A few months afterwards, during my morning meditations, I started to feel a pressure on both sides of my head, like large hands were cupped over my ears. It wasn’t an unpleasant feeling, just unusual and I realized that if I relaxed into it, my head would start moving on its own. It was as if this sensation was moving it. Curious, I continued the meditation and tried not to focus on what was happening, but on the observer, until I observed that my head was being moved into unusual and exaggerated positions on my neck.

It scared the hell out of me.

I was no stranger to the paranormal, esoteric or metaphysical, but we certainly weren’t friends. As a child I saw ghosts, heard voices, had a collection of imaginary friends who weren’t so imaginary and had been contacted/visited with aliens on many occasions. That may seem like a hefty sentence to just throw out there and I say this now candidly but I didn’t acknowledge any of this openly at the time, even to myself. All of the odd happenings, hauntings, and encounters with dead relatives and friends had been filed in my psyche under ‘imagination’ and I rarely if ever opened up and talked about them. This new experience of my head moving during meditation went in that same cabinet and I locked it with a key.

Some time later when I slowly returned to meditation and the unusual side effects recommenced, I was more prepared and accepting of the unseen and unknown. This time, whenever my head would start to move while meditating, I would either allow the movements to happen or silently address the energy moving me and ask it to please not interfere which would stop the movement immediately.

I developed a relationship with this energy, curious about what it wanted and where it was leading, but disinterested in actually following it down that path. The energy, or entity, was always there as a presence but I did not want to invite it into my reality and could send it off with a simple ‘no’. There were a few times I sat and typed away for hours at the keyboard with the same energy guiding me, but was full of so much insecurity and doubt. I felt unready. I felt unworthy.

I decided to focus on studying self-realization and enlightenment while carrying on normally with my everyday life and role as a young mother. I studied everything I could find on the topic, found amazing teachers and had several deep awakening experiences that have left me forever changed.

The Internet was a wonderful place to meet like-minded people and even though there still weren’t too many with whom I would talk about my experiences, those who I felt comfortable sharing with at least believed I wasn’t going crazy. I got to meet some of them in person and developed friendships for the first time with people who I didn’t feel were judging this aspect of me. This allowed me to begin to stop judging it myself.

This allowed me to begin to stop judging myself... I really did have extrasensory gifts.

It took years of searching within to understand that all of the paranormal and esoteric experiences I had had were not just an active imagination. I really did have extrasensory gifts.

So, there I found myself the kitchen with this invitation to channel not even knowing if I could or if I wanted to. All I knew is that I was turning forty that day and that I had spent forty years running away from a part of me. I was more than tired. I was exhausted. I was having to say no to this energy more and more frequently. I couldn’t hold up the fort and I couldn’t remember why I had to.

I put down the dish, downloaded a voice recording app on my phone, lay on my bed and went into a meditation for the first time ever with the intention of a ‘Yes’.

What follows is the transcript from that very first verbal contact...

"We are available. You already know everything you need to know. You’re already able to speak for us. We are present.

The term ‘alienation’ is perfect.

We cannot speak to all of you because all of you will not hear. We use those of you in form to speak for us, so that those that would not hear directly can choose to misinterpret. The term ‘alienation’ is perfect.

There is no need to fear for even the alienation that you face as a bridge or a messenger is perfectly placed to respect those who do not wish to hear. Is a protection. You may continue to share your, or our message - which is the same - and those who do not wish to hear may think that there is something wrong with you. That you have made it up. That you are mentally unwell.

A part of them knows. A part of them hears anyways. There’s a natural, instinctual fascination with the truth and those who do not wish to hear with their ears or their heads may still choose to hear with their hearts and in their perfect time rise.

We watch as you continue to play games. Even the game to save the world is a game. The rising does not happen through action. You are already risen. It is not a verb. The dark ones, those who are sleeping, those who are actively harming, they need your love. There are no villains. Judgment is judgment.

You will walk, you will see, you will see things that you cannot resolve. It is because they are unresolvable. Because there was never anything to resolve. The atrocities, the horrors, as you call them, only exist because you choose to continue to see them as separate. Separate from what? Separate from the Creator which is you. You look away. You look away from yourself. One cannot resolve what is unresolvable. You cannot fix what is not broken. You cannot change the changeless.

God is the What-Is. You are." - Vagrein

God is the What-Is.


I have since channeled Vagrein hundreds of times in private and public and written a book with them. Allowing my ESP to turn on and tune in has changed countless lives with their powerful transmissions.

My ability to perform Pranic Healing rituals has also come online since working with Vagrein. In them I scan a client’s energetic body and am shown areas of blockage or receive messages from their internal organs as to what the body needs to perform in optimal health. Then a cleansing and recharging of prana occurs with the client experiencing relief from many different forms of ailments, emotional, psychological, physical or even circumstantial.

More of the story of how I began my work with Vagrein is available in my book Vagrein : Seeking Ends When Sharing Begins, available now on all Amazon Marketplaces. You can also read the 1st 18 pages for free right now at

Their messages are consistently aligned with unity consciousness and allow us to remember the power of self-acceptance and knowing our own magic.

Over the course of the next months, I’ll be bringing you the following articles to dive into some topics which I have gained expertise in through working with Vagrein and using my extrasensory skills:

  • Trance Channeling - What is it? How does it work? And Who is Vagrein?

  • Pranic Healing - Altering and Healing the physical body through intention and energetics alone

  • Learning to listen to and communicate with your higher self to live an aligned and abundant life in unity consciousness

  • Getting the most out of channeled material and alternate, esoteric therapies

Each article will be accompanied by a meditation for you to enjoy.

This week’s meditation is inviting in Liquid Light. It is a deep visualization that will cleanse your system and prepare you to align with the higher frequencies of love, abundance, joy, peace and surrender.

In the end, allowing my extrasensory gifts was terrifying at first, but has only made my life infinitely richer. We are far more than we can see with our eyes or hear with our ears. This universe is full of magic and wonder… all one has to do is allow.

Please visit my site to book your private channeling with Vagrein, a pranic energy healing treatment, bespoke coaching services that bridge the physical and non-physical aspects of your life or to see what public events are coming up soon.

You can book your own private channeling session with me at

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