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001: Finding your Inner Blessings - "All of the work is internal." with Teagan Hoper

Teagan Hoper is passionate about sharing the power of finding peace in the present moment. She has the joy of playing many roles in her experience including Mother, Wife, Teacher, Reiki Practitioner, Ceremony and Meditation Facilitator, and Life Enthusiast. She shares messages on self-love and acceptance, the importance of gratitude, unity consciousness and present moment awareness. She believes that our awakening process is a journey that unravels over the entirety of our human experience. For her awakening occured in one truly pivotal moment - her first reiki session. After that her life changed enormously. She currently offers Energy Alchemy Sessions, Group Meditations, Tea Talks and New/Full Moon Ceremonies mostly to her local community in New South Wales, Australia but is always sharing messages on her Inner.Blessing Instagram page and has some broader offerings in creation that can be accessed by other selves all over the world.


🤡 At the end of the episode Teagan shares a bizarre and fun fact about clownfish... Listen all the way through... Is it true or not? We don't know but if YOU do make sure to leave us a comment or contact us to let us know!


More about our guest Teagan Hoper:

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