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Getting the Most Out Of Channeled Material

Channeling is changing.

It's becoming more mainstream. It's moving out of the realm of New Age and into our homes and lives. It's becoming practical.

I am the channel for the non-physical entity group Vagrein. They come through me with their messages of unity consciousness and love and wisdom while I'm in a trance state.

If you're reading this, you have direct access to a channeled entity through me, so I'd like to give some tips on how to best take advantage of this access and the potential it has in your life.

These tips, of course are applicable to Vagrein, but can be used when interacting with any channeling, channeled entity or source of channeled material.

1) Take what resonates and leave the rest

Not everything that comes through a channeled source is going to feel right to you!

This could be because there may be information that you're not yet ready to hear or simply because what is being offered isn't directly relevant to you.

At the end of the day you are the creator of your experience and reality and sometimes hearing what doesn't resonate at all is exactly what you need to bring you clarity.

You get to choose from all the words offered which feels good and which doesn't.

Deciding beforehand to trust your own intuition above anything external to you will ultimately allow you to feel safe to be open to what may actually be beneficial.

2) Approach the meeting as yourself

I always tell people to just be themselves and as casual as they can be when interacting with Vagrein.

The entity group immediately picks up on any inauthenticity in the interaction and calibrates the encounter to the level of comfort of the participant.

The same tricks that someone uses when interacting with other humans just can't be used with universal consciousness so pretending to be someone else just delays you getting the most out of it.

Don't worry though, Vagrein will be quick to point out anyplace you're trying to fool them or yourself and bring you swiftly back to a more honest conversation.

3) Prepare your questions before... or not!

Some people like to list out questions for their channeling session when they book so that they can stay on track and find answers to what they have been wondering about.

Others like to come to a session and wing-it, soaking in the interaction and seeing where the flow takes them.

Both are super valid! In Vagrein's case, a session will normally begin with one or two questions or some inquiry that the participant has and then will begin to flow from there.

Regardless of the structure of the meetings, the participants always leave the session with newfound clarity and peace.

4) Don't get spooked

It's understandable if there's some hesitation when approaching a channeled entity as there's definitely an other-worldly aspect to the interaction.

And yeah, it can be intimidating to be interacting with something that seems to know what's going on with you without you saying anything.

And sure, the way they talk through me, the trance itself and the no-eye contact can be uncanny...

But by allowing yourself to perceive of how the energy that comes through me as Vagrein is already all around you at all times will allow you to realize that channeling is not unnatural at all.

The energy that is Vagrein is as natural as breathing.

Channeling is taking that energy and moving it deliberately through an instrument (me) so that it can be heard in a different way. It is exactly the same thing as sending your breath through a flute and to make music.

Instead of focusing on how different or scary it is to perceive of the energy in this way... see if you can focus on the beauty of the song.

Your fear is just conditioning and isn't serving you at all.

If it helps you can visit the Vagrein You channel to see what sessions are like so that you know what to expect when you join yours!

5) Have Fun!

This is a playful and benevolent existence so there is no need to take anything seriously.

Vagrein would be the first to remind you that it's all a grand game that we are playing together, them included.

The more enjoyment you can relax into in a channeling session or when reading channeling texts or materials, the more of the energy, wisdom and love you'll be able to integrate.

Whenever we're feeling overly serious, we're not able to receive the gifts that are trying to arrive in our experience.

Relax, stay curious and innocent and enjoy this very unusual experience.

6) There are no rules.

Last but not least, the only rule, or instructions that I'd suggest you take away from channeled material or channeling in general is that there are no rules.

The moment you start transforming channeled material into dogma, religion or law you run the risk of undermining your own free will and placing an external authority above your own judgement.

Be wary of any channeled sources that tell you that their way is the only truth or that there are consequences for not following their guidance.

Also look out for anything that causes you a state of fear or anxiety with their messages. If a channeled source is predicting doom or gloom, then its not serving in your experience and is probably best avoided.

With regards to communities that discuss channeled materials be careful that the messages don't get distorted or reinterpreted.

Check in with yours

elf regularly to make sure that you're following the first tip listed earlier and make efforts not to judge how anyone else is interpreting or integrating channeled messages on their own journey.

The future of channeling...

In the book I channeled with Vagrein

Vagrein : Seeking Ends When Sharing Begins they discuss how channeling is changing and how our own channels will open the more we are exposed to this kind of material.

You can expect that more and more channels will become activated in the next little while or that more will come into your experience.

I personally believe that channeled wisdom has a huge value in our world right now as there is so much separation and distortion based upon a very conditioned society and human psyche.

Universal consciousness has a way of laser-beam cutting through this distortion and reframing our perceptions so that we can be more of service to others. (check out this podcast episode for more on the great reframe!)

I'm so excited to share the gift of Vagrein with you.



Enjoy this free meditation on our Youtube channel

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Seeking Ends When Sharing Begins available free right now!

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