Getting the Most Out Of Channeled Material

Channeling is changing.

It's becoming more mainstream. It's moving out of the realm of New Age and into our homes and lives. It's becoming practical.

I am the channel for the non-physical entity group Vagrein. They come through me with their messages of unity consciousness and love and wisdom while I'm in a trance state.

If you're reading this, you have direct access to a channeled entity through me, so I'd like to give some tips on how to best take advantage of this access and the potential it has in your life.

These tips, of course are applicable to Vagrein, but can be used when interacting with any channeling, channeled entity or source of channeled material.

1) Take what resonates and leave the rest

Not everything that comes through a channeled source is going to feel right to you!

This could be because there may be information that you're not yet ready to hear or simply because what is being offered isn't directly relevant to you.

At the end of the day you are the creator of your experience and reality and sometimes hearing what doesn't resonate at all is exactly what you need to bring you clarity.