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I channel a non-physical entity group called Vagrein, You can find out more about them here.

I have recently published my first book written with them and it is now available for purchase, at a special launch price, an all Amazon marketplaces.

From the jacket cover...


In July of 2019, a non-physical entity group, later to be known as ‘Vagrein’ started to talk through the mind and body of JP Herman. The wisdom, assurance and love that has come through their otherworldly sharing is now compiled in this breathtaking, challenging and fascinating, first book.


Suspend your disbelief for a moment and be transported to a world beyond our own, where the answers are all simple and they all lie within you.      

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Image by Andrey Novik


I offer 6 and 12 week coaching relationships. These are 1-1 weekly meeting with me where we dive into the deepest aspects of you and you are guided in new areas of growth.


If you are ready to...

  • have a deep look at your own unique configuration

  • dismantle what you are not

  • allowing yourself space for the new you to start to grow

  • clear blockages and trauma

  • gain understanding as to why your challenges have been serving you

  • step into your highest version. 


We will...

  • uncover your core issues

  • understand what is most wanted for + from you

  • find out how you are blocking yourself from moving into the life you truly want to live 

  • implement healthy habits that aid towards your intentions

  • review your Human Design Profile

  • shed conditioning

  • learn self-acceptance and self-love so you can live YOUR life - not someone else's.

  • learn + practice a bespoke EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) script based on your GeneKeys profile

  • have in-depth and traditional talk-based coaching

Packages Range from €784- €1836



Channeling can be anything that you do when your individual personality steps out of the way. For some what comes through is art, music, or sports.


For me, what comes through is universal consciousness in the form of an entity group called Vagrein. I go into a trance channeling state and through my body and brain is communicated messages from a higher level of universal intelligence.


Vagrein's primary messages are relating to unity consciousness and unconditional love, but they are also dedicated in teaching us self-acceptance and helping us to activate our highest potential.


If you're curious, find out more...

1hr Session = €125.50



Pranic Healing is a no-touch energy-based therapy that uses Prana, Chi or Body’s Life Energy to improve health, be it physical, emotional, circumstantial or psychological.


It is described as the science and art of using energy to heal the body. If there are disturbances to the energy bodies of an individual, ‘dis-ease’ will follow. What Pranic Healing does is to cleanse, energize and balance the energy systems, thereby promoting wellness and good health on all levels.


Scientific study on the Zero Point Field supports the position that all matter is made of energy and all energy is shaped by intention. Pranic Healing uses the intention of the practitioner and client to mold the energy fields for optimum health, alignment, balance and function.


Pranic Energy Healing will help to clear blockages in your body, chakras, meridians and life. It works on physical, emotional, mental, energetic and circumstantial levels because it seeks to clear whole system blockages.  Whatever the ailment or issue, Pranic Healing and your own commitment to shifting the block will show improvements.

1 session = €55 (packets available)

Energy Healing


"I have had the privilege of having multiple Pranic Healing sessions with Jess.  I began working with her due to some recurring issues with my lungs due to a genetic disease. 

With each session with Jessie I noticed improvement in my physical symptoms, but what stands out the most is the energetic changes.  

I had a sense of underlying peace after my first treatment and after each session I noticed my overall mood and outlook improved. I had less anxiety and was taking things in more easily.  

I noticed more optimism as well as more ease through stress.


After one of our sessions I noticed that waves of emotion were coming and I was able to just stand in them. Like standing at the shore of an ocean on a Rocky cliff and letting them hit me like the waters rushing over the rock.   I felt so many things churning and clearing.


I have also referred friends for sessions with Jess. That is not something I do lightly or without confidence."




I love being available and creating content that serves.


Here you'll find an e-book with some Vagrein transcripts, four meditations on Insight Timer

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