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WAR - Hindsight and Foresight

Looking Back and Looking Forwards

I do not watch the news. I think the last time I actually tuned into a broadcast was in 1999 when we were being warned about the failure of technology and Y2K. AI is still laughing its robotic head off.

And I've avoided the whole C-V-XYZ narrative completely. Even though that was a bit of a challenge as everyone was gung-ho on sharing opinions, politcal views and division ideas. Fear gets people crazy.

But fear has it's purpose too. A splenic response to a situation is our natural first line of defense when threatened with physical harm. It is correct to avoid someone who is coughing. It is correct to run when you see a tiger. It is also correct to be ready for any eventuality when war breaks out on the continent you're residing on.

Sometimes it's not nice to have extrasensory perception or direct contact with the collective. But it is always always useful if certain principles are remembered. So before I go on with this message I want to remind you of these principles:

  1. we create our own reality FOR our own benefit. This means that even in dire situations there is an expansion that is occurring that is ultimately and on a higher level needed and desired by out higher selves

  2. you have the responsibility to use at all times your ability to respond to circumstance in an aligned way. Is panic serving? Is violence serving? Is hatred or blame serving? What serves right now?

  3. being prepared is not a sign of weakness, fear or the acceptance of a reality that you do not prefer. Law Of Attraction does not tell you to hide your head in the sand. It tells you to keep your vibration high in the face of contrast.

  4. ultimately, what you truly are is invincible and immortal

  5. joy is an elixir

  6. obla di- oblah da life goes on.

All that said, there is a new war in Europe.

The world has had experience with this just a few generations ago and then it started in similar ways.

Luckily, we can use our hindsight and the lessons we learnt from that experience to apply to this.

  • we can create an energetic space based on neutrality for the Russian and Ukrainian peoples. Don't think you don't have the power to impact the collective.

  • We can send provisions to the Ukraine for the people now displaced, sleeping in metro stations or nomadically moving to safer locations

  • we can refuse to create or share opinions on right and wrong and instead step more into unity consciousness

  • and we can prepare for the possibility that the war will spread across the continent and potentially world

The Seers Eyes are Open

We can lean on foresight.

I have started to prepare a 'Go-Bag' or a 'TEOTWAWKI' bag (The End Of The World As We Know It)

Does that make me a radical? Neurotic? A fanatic? A survivalist?

You know what? I don't care. Kiev is 22 hours away by car.

Is it 'too early' to plan in this way? Am I exaggerating? I don't care.

What I DO care about is my vibration. And preparing this bag right now feels empowering, exciting and really really good in my system.

My active spleen (HD) said not to wait and it feels nourishing to be doing SOMETHING practical and productive in response to my fear, uncertainty and seeing impotence in the face of circumstances out of my control.

To be clear... Vagrein didn't tell me 'get your stuff together, it's time to move'. Vagrein doesn't predict the future but I know that if I were to channel right in this moment they would tell me that I'm doing the correct thing as I am shifting and pivoting my experience of an emotion to one of a far higher frequency.

Yes, I pray for peace and a swift resolution with positive outcome for all. But I never ever assume I know WHY my impulses drive me to do the things I do.

In the coming days I hope to share with anyone who's interested the knowledge I've gained by researching what is needed in a bag such as the one I am describing. I hope also to be able to share the contents of my bag in case you are inspired to create your own. It is useful not only in the case of war, by the way, but any form of natural or man-made disaster or emergency.

Who knows, maybe by having that 'exaggerated' medical kit, you'll help to save someones' life.

If you have been following me for a while you also know that I am very much calm in a storm and so, will now share with you my business as usual news:

  • Vagrein and I going to be on the Docuseries 'They Call Us Channelers' with Kevin Moore - We're recording this week!

  • I cut back the price of Vagrein : Seeking Ends When Sharing Begins - get a copy NOW if you haven't already

  • I have space for 2 new clients in my Magical Youniverse coaching package. Check it out here.

Please remember that no matter what, hindsight or foresight your power is in THIS NOW and the best way to exercise that power is to love, appreciate and truly live in each moment as it presents itself. You have the ability and strength to always find the best in each situation and to always look for, seek out and find beauty and source in each moment.


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2 comentarios

Love your stuff. Very astute and practical .. Would love to see your Youtube channel but can't seem to find it.. The link off the Kevin Moore interview is bad.. thx.. Sam

Me gusta
Jessicka Herman
Jessicka Herman
31 mar 2022
Contestando a

Here's the link! I'll check that Kevin has the right one! Thanks!!

Me gusta
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