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  • 30 days of content

  • 10 areas of your life

  • 5 live meetings

  • 1 all-new you


Thank you for your interest in Level 10 Living.

We are currently accepting preregistration for the next round of the program if it is to come to be. 

If you're interested in signing up, please leave your details below to pre-register and be notified when registration begins officially and the dates of the next challenge.


Your Level10Life

The intention of the challenge is to help and support you in moving more towards yourself in these 10 key areas of your life-experience:

  • Career &  Finances

  • Physical Health/Fitness

  • Fun & Recreation

  • Spirituality

  • Love life

  • Personal Growth

  • Family Life

  • Social Interactions

  • Giving Back/Service

  • Physical Environment 

What's Included?

30 Daily Teachings and instructions that build upon one another.  If followed they guarantee significant results in the direction of your goals in all 10 areas by the end of the month. ​


We provide daily email reminders to keep you on track, course materials, worksheets, a private Facebook Group for encouragement, feedback, questions & accountability and 5 1hr live meetings with a 'Breakout Room' formula for really diving deep into one's own process. You must bring the rest.

What Does it Cost?

We have 3 price options:

  • Solo - €111.00

  • Buddy - €69.30 (per person if you join with a friend)

  • Scolarship - TBD (If you have financial difficulties at the moment and are serious about change we are happy to find a way to work together. Contact us directly to determine the best price for you )

Meet The Team


Jessie Herman

Jessie is a life coach, energy healer, intuitive artist and channel for the non-physical entity group Vagrein.


The content of the course is based upon results-proven methods from her coaching practice.

Her natural ability to tune into individuals' higher selves gives her a unique perspective on what transformation they are truly asking for in each moment, and how to bypass the mind to achieve it.

Through the years Jessie has witnessed consistent mind and behavioral patterns that keep people from making lasting changes in their lives.  She has developed this method with equal doses of love and wisdom to help shatter those blocks.


Vienna Blum

Vienna is driven by the magic that occurs when groups come together to learn from each other, to listen deeply and with genuine curiosity.


She has over 15 years of experience working with teams in the corporate, non-profit and educational sectors, where her ability to elevate diverse groups through meaningful collaboration has set her apart.


With an open heart and mind, she helps both teams and individuals address the underlying issues that deplete productivity, clarity and creativity in organizations.


Vienna infuses courage and compassion into her sessions, creating space for participants to bravely explore new avenues and ways of being together.

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