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There are many extras at the retreat that are optional and this form will help us to set up the services for you. Your total will be calculated based on this form and can be paid in cash at checkin with the retreat team. 

Add Your Extras

There will be the opportunity at the retreat for Jessie to create personalised light-language artwork for you.

The three possible versions are all on A5 cardstock and will be created in a special moment with you. The more elaborate elements will be added during a pause from the other activities. They are available in Black & White Ink, Ink and Watercolour, or Ink Watercolour and Gold Leaf.

Because of the time required in creating these artworks, we are limiting them to maximum 2 per person and do need to know in advance how many and which type of art you are wanting.

Pausa Per Cafè e Merenda

On June 21st during the pause and booksigning/artwork moment, we have arranged a coffee pause/spuntino/merenda in the cafè of the venue. For €6pp you can participate, have a drink and snack and share this moment with the group. We need to let the bar know in advance how many people to prepare this moment for.

Tour of Acqui Terme

We have arranged a wonderful tour with an English Speaking guide for the 22nd in the afternoon starting from 3:30pm. The tour does not interfere with any of the retreat activities and ends with a local wine-tasting.  The majority of participants are joining.

Please let us know your preference for Yoga Mats

Are you travelling with a non-participant? 

Some of you are joining with a loved-one.  We need to confirm some information:

After Check-Out Optional Lunch

Although there is no lunch included on June 23rd, for those of you who would like there will be a lunch arranged where everyone pays for their own meal. If you are still around after the last session on June 23rd and would like to join in this meal, please let us know so we can book a suitable location.

Thanks for submitting! If you have added on some extras will calculate your total and let you know how much cash to bring to checkin

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