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What is Channeling

& what it can do

What is Channeling?

Channeling is a natural form of communication between humans and non-humans... this can include what one labels as God, angels, non-physical entities, spirits, beings, aliens, even animals and vegetation. Everyone can channel and often without knowing it, everyone does.


A channeler is very similar to a language translator or interpreter. They are someone with the ability to allow themselves to sense the non-verbal communication from another being and then translate it into human words allowing the message to come directly through them. 

In the case of Vagrein, I allow myself to listen to a specific frequency band and then relax into speaking or writing from that space. My own mind and consciousness are temporarily put in the passenger seat and I had the steering wheel over to them while I relax. I can, at any time tell them to stop the car, and if there is something interesting in the scenery I can recall what we passed, but most of the time after the session my memories of what was discussed will be very vague.


When listening to or reading any channeled material it is important that YOU are the one who is discerning if that material is for you, and the Vagrein work is no different.   Not all channels are working with pure intentions and not all non-human messengers are sharing wisdom that is in your highest benefit. It is the responsibility of the channeler to discern if the energy coming through is benevolent and then the responsibility of the listener to decide if that information is serving them, without adopting it blindly.


Pure channeled information holds the following characteristics:

  1. It is inclusive of all. It does not exclude any listener or reader based on any criteria. 

  2. It is empowering and loving, not fearful. 

  3. It respects your free will and right to choose what to believe or not believe.

  4. It makes no attempt to coerce you into decisions or actions. 

  5. It feels true in your heart.

  6. It does not claim to be the only source of the same information. It does not exalt the channeler. It does not claim to be more than you are or higher up than you in any way. 

  7. There is content in the information that you are learning from and it offers new solutions or perspectives to your spiritual and everyday circumstance.

  8. It FEELS right to you to listen or read. It feels like home.

It is my belief that the content coming through from Vagrein at this time fulfills the above criteria and I invite you to enjoy the content in the many ways we are providing.

Much love.


There are just under 100 Vagrein channelings available for free on YouTube. Check them out and Subscribe Now

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