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My story, but it has nothing to do with me... 

I come from Montreal, Canada. I am the youngest of three and was a strange little girl, always doing things my own way.  I braved 19 cold winters before finally leaving home and moving to London, England in 1999.


Although I only had $1000 in my pocket, a list of telephone numbers of aquaintences and whatever fit in my backpack, I managed to make it work. First I worked in a pub in Greenwich and then found a job as a web-designer by calling people in the phonebook.  I was hired on my first meeting and then taught myself HTML in an internet cafè that night.


I was diagnosed with a chronic auto-immune disease similar to Lupus in 2000.


I worked as a Graphic Designer and enjoyed a really great social life while in London, but office work wasn't for me.  I felt trapped in a system and behind a desk.


When I found out my father was dying of Lung Cancer in 2004 I decided that it was time to move again, life was too short.


I arrived in Milan four months after my father had passed away.  I started a course in 3D computer graphics without being able to speak Italian. I learnt 'on-the-job' and have a few funny stories of misunderstandings while learning the language. I met my now-husband and finished the course in 2007. After looking for work in my field of study I decided that since the pay was so low and the work hours so high that I would rather work as a nanny and keep studying to specialize in animation. In 2008 I got married.


I started an animation project I never finished. I was told I  was  unable to have children because of my health problems, but somehow  I got pregnant anyways and my daughter was born in 2011. After she was born I suffered from Postnatal Depression as well as PTSD.

Enough was Enough.

I decided it was time to take my life into my own hands 100% and my real journey started.

I began researching the science of happiness and filtering through information by the best speakers on the subject; Abraham Hicks, Gary Zukav, Deepak Chopra, Osho, Mooji and so many more.  I began to understand the Law of Attraction, non-duality and quantum physics.  I read materials supplied by extraterrestrial life forms and non-physical entities... I didn't care what authors claimed their sources were... I followed the information from one book to the next, one video to the next.

I started meditating and began the process of coaching myself back to emotional health. Interestingly, it also brought me to a very good place in my struggle with physical health.  


I started painting again. I started writing again. I started to follow my dreams and make happiness a priority above all other goals.


In 2014 we bought a house and when it was time to move in, the fashion-design company that was renting it from us told us they wouldn't leave. Having sold our previous home we were forced into renting and huge financial burdens.  During this time I got pregnant with our second child but at the 10 week scan the baby's heartbeat had stopped, I had had missed-miscarriage.


In 2016 I started to study the work of Bentinho Massaro and things quickly began to turn around. We finally got the keys to the house and began renovating it - and in December we moved in to our beautiful new space.  I started working as a professional painter (have a look at the ARTIST half of this site) and following my dream of helping people to become their true selves through coaching. I got pregnant again and gave birth to a healthy baby boy - but most importantly,  I know now that I am able be happy NO MATTER WHAT.

I decided I couldn't keep this information to myself and felt the impulse to share so started coaching and creating courses for people to find and live as their true-selves.

My disease vanished and after 18 years of suffering the doctors are at a loss for words.

In 2018 I began Bentinho Massaro's Civilization Upgraders course with his direct coaching to help clear out any remaining distortions and dedicate myself in service to others. It has been intense but the shifts are unprecedented. I now have a deep knowing of myself beyond my body, personality, relationships or circumstances.    

I hope that the experiences I have had in life have only allowed a richness to my ability to serve others and it is my deepest wish to be able to pass on these skills to you as well.


Though ultimately we are not our stories, if you'd like to tell me yours and help in transcending it to be able to write the next chapters consciously then book free consultation with me!

I can't wait to get to know you.

“I’m Vivian Kaye, a seasoned entrepreneur, business coach, and keynote speaker. As the founder of two businesses, I know all about the highs that come with scaling to 6-figure months and hundreds of 5-star reviews, to the lows of late inventory and irate customers and all the crazy in between. I’ve been there, done that, and have the receipts to prove it!

For the past 6 years, I’ve strictly focused on the e-commerce world where I’ve built KinkyCurlyYaki, a textured hair extensions company, to over 1 million in annual revenue. I love passing on tried and true advice I’ve picked up along the way to help others grow the businesses of their dreams.”

My latest projects

My Latest Projects

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The 'We Are One' video project stemmed from a deep understanding that despite what is presented externally in every individuation of humanity, we are connected and inseparable aspects of the same one organism.

The project was created by calling out to social media for '#selfiesforunity' where each person would take a shot of themselves looking at the camera with the intention of unifying humanity. 

In morphing the images together to the very powerful music 'Four' by Philip Abussi, the effect of understanding of how we are inseparable and also all beautifully unique is very palpable.

Please enjoy.

On Novemebr 11th, 2018 people from around the world gathered in person and online at 11:11am in every time-zone to meditate together on the theme of Unity Consciousness and self-love. 

The results of the project can never be measured scientifically but the shift in consciousness for all those who participated is palpable.

Some of my roles for organizing the project:

  • creating and managing the website at

  • managing the Instagram and Facebook presence of the project

  • contacting world thought leaders for their participation

  • sourcing and managing the organisation of meditation leaders in many time zones. 

  • hosting an in-person meditation event which was simultaneously broadcast on Facebook-Live.


I am currently in the process of translating and subtitling spiritual and philosophical videos into Italian on Youtube.


Some of the thought leaders I intend to cover are: 

  • Bentinho Massaro

  • Alan Watts

  • Rupert Spira

  • Abraham Hicks

Please subscribe to my channel if you would like to be updated when new videos are added.


"I have had the privilege of having multiple Pranic Healing sessions with Jess.  I began working with her due to some recurring issues with my lungs due to a genetic disease. 

With each session with Jessie I noticed improvement in my physical symptoms, but what stands out the most is the energetic changes.  

I had a sense of underlying peace after my first treatment and after each session I noticed my overall mood and outlook improved. I had less anxiety and was taking things in more easily.  

I noticed more optimism as well as more ease through stress.


After one of our sessions I noticed that waves of emotion were coming and I was able to just stand in them. Like standing at the shore of an ocean on a Rocky cliff and letting them hit me like the waters rushing over the rock.   I felt so many things churning and clearing.


I have also referred friends for sessions with Jess. That is not something I do lightly or without confidence."


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