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Guidance + Support

If you are ready to:

  • have a deep look at your own unique configuration

  • dismantle what you are not

  • allowing yourself space for the new you to start to grow

  • clear blockages and trauma

  • gain understanding as to why your challenges have been serving you

  • step into your highest version. 

We will:

  • uncover your core issues

  • understand what is most wanted for + from you

  • find out how you are blocking yourself from moving into the life you truly want to live 

  • implement healthy habits that aid towards your intentions

  • review your Human Design Profile

  • shed conditioning

  • learn self-acceptance and self-love so you can live YOUR life - not someone else's.

  • learn + practice a bespoke EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) script based on your GeneKeys profile

  • have in-depth and traditional talk-based coaching

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