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“I am infinitely grateful. The transmission was so powerful that every cell in my body is dancing - lots of healing! Much love and gratitude."

"I appreciate the centeredness and calm I experience when in a channeling session with Jess and Vagrein. I appreciate how my worries, or questions are always addressed, even if I'm not the one voicing them. I leave the interaction feeling connected to my infinite self, to the other beings on the call and a deeper sense of Oneness."


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Live Event - April 13 2023

Live Event - April 13 2023

Group Session April 13, 2023 1- Vagrein talks on parallel realities, each individual’s power to shift the collective narrative and whether or not there truly are limitations to what one can create in their experience. They explain how opening to all possibilities and allowing all forms of imagination literally manifests those experiences. What is the significance of seeing numbers, sometimes known as ‘angel numbers’ and what could be the response or use of this phenomenon? 2- Vagrein talks about how much one should rely on channeled messages. 3- A participant asks to elaborate on the perceived violence that animal species are experiencing on this planet and what, if anything, can be done about it. 4- Vagrein talks about spirit guides and the importance of where inspiration and guidance comes from as well as how to fulfill soul contracts and the nature of the soul contract. 5- vagrein talks on the physical response to a heightened state of frequency and how sometimes the physical body reacts to a period of higher frequency with what can be perceived of as negative physical consequences or symptoms. 6- A participant asks about an event that was meant to occur on March 22nd called Heaven’s cross or Apocalyspe. Vagrein shares how to digest information that is heard about specific times or dates that are offered. They then express how all abilities are accessible to each being in this now, but directly related to what one is capable of believing and how the manifestations in humanity and technology at this time is very similar to the same form of permission slips offered when a prophet, guide or channel offers a date that is meant to be a milestone for the opening of our abilities. 7- A participant asks about physical sensations that are occurring in their body and if there are any messages from their late father. 8- Another participant asks about how to brand themselves. Vagerin counters with the question of when they can stop doubting themselves. 9- Vagein explains the correlation between the waking dream of 3d reality and lucid dreaming. 10- Vagrein talks about physical ailments and in specific hearing and the auditory apparatus.
Live Event - April 12 2023

Live Event - April 12 2023

Group Session April 12, 2023 1- Vagrein explains the mechanism of Anxiety and why it occurs. They then explain how to shift the energy of anxiety to the superpower that it is actually concealing and learn to use this to your advantage. 2- The participant asks ‘Is time speeding up and why is this uncomfortable and how can I make it more comfortable?’ 3- The participant asks about a recent close encounter with what seems to be an alien or extraterrestrial spacecraft. They also ask how to integrate more of their metaphysical aspects into their human life. Vagrein discusses why this manifests and what actions to take to call more of these experiences into one’s awareness. 4- A painter asks if their painting skill is channeling. They would like to know how to call in the energies that they are feeling, make their message clearer and have more impact to share their messages with the world. Vagrein shares how to ensure the best actions to allow flow through an artist. 5- Vagrein discusses how all desire, both those that one perceives of as negative or destructive patterns and those that feel more ‘pure’ are of equal value and exactly why it is less important to analyze desires themselves than it is to experience them as then gain the value of the lived experience in your life. 6-A participant asks how to best connect with energies/elementals they expect to encounter in an upcoming trip to Ireland and Scotland. 7- Vagrein is asked about dreams in general ( and specifically about cats) and if as a collective they experience dreams in the same way that we do. 8- The next participant too asks about cats and experiences with dreams or encounters with cat beings. Vagrein explains how one can intend, extend or revoke their consent for any form of encounter with energetic/extraterrestrial/non physical beings to maintain a sense of ‘safety’. 9- Vagrein describes the ‘oversoul’ using the analogy of a tree. 10- Vagrein explains how to get ‘unstuck’ when faced with indecisiveness and how to better tune into one’s true preferences.


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