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Self-Love Odyssey Toolkit

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Self-love is the cornerstone to all of life's enjoyment and satisfaction. It's what makes us able to show up in the world in our most brilliant versions of self. It's what ensures our presence with our friends and family and those we came here to serve. Without it, life is a never-ending nightmare of insecurity, doubt and the sense of being alone. We're haunted by negative beliefs about ourselves that we picked up from others throughout our lives and are afraid to truly shine, share our voice and show up as our true selves. We repeat patterns of hurt and pass them onto our children or contaminate our closest relationships. Everyday feels like a struggle and another set of challenges. It's exhausting. When you have a strong sense of self love, no matter where you are, what is happening or who you are with, you are always safe at home. You're able to zoom out and see things from a new perspective. You're able to understand what is actually yours and what is someone else's projection onto you. You're free of attempts to gain approval and validation outside of yourself and live in a state of confidence, compassion and peace. Your life is no longer conditional and you are finally in the drivers seat of how you feel. In this 15 module course you will be following one lesson, exercise or challenge per week to experientially learn key tools that work like magic so you too can completely enjoy the greatest relationship of your life, the one with yourself.

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